The vision of MetaHeps is to increase access of patients to novel drugs by addressing DILI issues in drug development in an unrivaled and innovative approach:

Using our patented technology will

Advisory Board

Ralf Huss: Chief Medical Officer at Definiens AG; Chief Scientific Officer at apceth GmbH & Co. KG; Global Head Therapeutic Cell Initiative at Roche

The MetaHeps Team

Dr. Kowcee Jalal: Project Manager

Eva Zimmermann: Executive Assistant

MetaHeps is a spin-off of the University Hospital Großhadern Munich, Germany.

Founded in 2014, the aim of MetaHeps is to provide innovative solutions to the challenge of idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury in clinical drug development.

Economic Milestones Scientific Milestones
08/12 EXIST Technology Transfer Grant (German Federal Ministry of Technology) Publication of technology proof-of-concept
07/13 m4-Award for research excellence in personalized medicine (Bavarian Ministry of Technology)
03/14 MetaHeps GmbH founded
10/14 US Patent granted DILI - Workshop, Freiburg, Germany
03/15 Presentation XV. FDA-DILI Conference, Washington
06/15 EU Patent granted Publication of results from the pilot study
11/15 Funding by Horizon 2020 SME-Instruments Phase I (DILITEST)
04/16 Collaboration with industry partner Start of collaboration with Pro-Euro-DILI Network
06/16 Invited presentation at the AASLD Hepatotoxicity SIG webinar
07/16 Funding by EIT Health Head Start Program
08/16 Japan Patent granted
03/17 Quality Management System certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Review on DILI published in "Gut" highlighting the MetaHeps test
04/17 Funding by BayTOU (Bavarian Ministry of Technology) Start of collaboration with Chinese University of Hong Kong
06/17 Funding by Permides (EIT Health) Start of collaboration with University of Malaga
02/18 Founding Member of GAME – INDILIR University Network
03/18 First Data on DDI in MetaHeps published
04/18 Letter of support by big pharma company Validation of MH Test for Drug Causality published
04/18 COST Application Pro-Euro-DILI Network successful
05/18 Stakeholder H 2020 IMI-Transbioline Consortium
06/18 MH based biomarker published
07/18 Contract with pharma customer
11/18 First Japanese samples received and successfully tested
12/18 Start of collaboration with big pharma company
03/19 Start Transbioline Consortium Presentation at Pro-EURO DILI Network Meeting in Malaga
05/19 MetaHeps data presented at the FDA DILI Conference, Washington
06/19 MetaHeps papers clarify cause for Acute Liver Failure
07/19 MetaHeps receives first samples from Australia
07/19 Publication using MetaHeps to discriminate DILI from Autoimmune Hepatitis
07/19 Publication on MetaHeps revealing Drug-drug Interaction in DILI
08/19 Start of collaboration with important biotech company